Travel Assistant Package

This package is specially for those who like to travel alone in Sri Lanka. Backpacking is one of the best ways to get the most genuine experiences in Sri Lanka. However even you travel yourself around the island, it is still good to have someone to assist you when you need. This is mainly a telephone assisted service, and therefore you don’t get a travel partner with you always, giving you the full freedom to explore your way through. But when you need an assistant (help) for anything (maybe to find something, to communicate with a local, when you are in a trouble, etc.) you can call us anytime (24hrs) and get our assistant and according to the situation we even can send some one for you.

Telephone assistant service is only one part of this package. You will also get following facilities.

  • Smart phone with a local number, IDD Call Facilities, 10GB internet data (can add more) and GPS tracking. You can use this to call us or call your friends abroad. We know that roaming is expensive and most of the time while travelling you can not connect online or call your friends. With this phone (using wifi hotspot feature in the phone), you can connect online with your own phone and communicate with your friends abroad (using Viber / WhatsApp, etc). IDD calling rates in Sri Lanka is very low.
  • GPS Tracking device for your backpack, handbag, etc. Don’t worry about loosing your valuables, we provide you a small GPS tracking device for you that you can track using the phone we give you. So if you lost your valuable belongings, you can instantly track the location and find it.
  • The essential language and travel guide. This travel guide provides you basic language guide to communication with locals in Sinhalese and Tamil. Bus and train routes, fares, times, etc.

You can register for this service online using the form below. It is only USD 100 (one hundred US dollars) for the entire stay (maximum 60 days). Please read the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions of Travel Assistant Package

  • You are agreeing to return all devices (Phone and GPS trackers) in good condition before the departure to our agent at the airport.
  • You should deposit an amount of USD 150 (one hundred fifty US dollars) as a security for the devices. This amount will be refund you back at the time you handover all devices.
  • You agreed to pay for any damages to the devices for us in terms of recover from the security deposit or pay separately for damages or lost.
  • All the devices (Phones and GPS trackers) we provide you with this package are a property of “Fun Lanka Tours”.
  • Please note that this service provides accordance with governing laws in Sri Lanka for your own protection and convenience during travel in Sri Lanka.