Kandy – Knuckles Range Forest Reserve

It is 90 square miles in extent (land above 3500 feet only) and the area within the mountain range extending for a distance of more then 12 miles covers about 28,000 hectares.This range is in the Kandy District on the Kandy-Mahiyangana road and it gets rain during both monsoons- Northeast and Southwest.There are 35 mountain peaks in the range above 3,500 feet and the 2 highest peaks are above 6,000. More than 100 species of birds are found here and out of them about 25 are endemic, 28 Fishes (9 endemic) and 3 species of them are found only in the Knuckles Range and large number of trees too are endemic.


The approach to the range is from several areas and the easiest is through Hunasgiriya, Looluwatte and Corbet’s Gap and from there to Kaikawala or Meemure or Na-ela and trekking from there.You have to obtain a permit to visit the Reserve and this could be obtained in Kandy from the Provincial Forest department or at Hunasgiriya Forest Ranger’s Office.

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