Kandy – Asgiriya Chapter Temple

Although there are two Chapters of the Siamese Sect at present, in the past there had been only one Mahavihara. The Asgiriya Vihara complex consists of the following Temples: –

i). Gedige Viharaya Adahanamaluwa.

ii). Hayagiri Wijesundararamaya.

iii). Meda Pansala.

iv). Pahala Pansala.

v). Maha Viharaya.

Out of all the Temples at Asgiriya Chapter, Gedige Temple is the most important as all the cremations of the Kings other then two had been done in the Adahanamaluwa of this Temple, including the first cremation done here of Queen Chandrawathie of Wickramabahu III of Gampola. On a royal decree of King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe the Tooth Relic was kept in this Temple after the last night perahera, kept till morning and the day perahera starts from this Temple.

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